Introducing a Brave new browser!

Posted on October 6, 2016

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Online security, or lack thereof; is one of the factors why Virtual Private Networks, ad blockers and many other similar products are in such high demand these days. Up until this point, there was no browser that would compliment a VPN connection and your privacy but Brave roared up to the challenge!

What is Brave?

Brave is a web browser that was created with a complete focus on faster performance and complete browsing safety. Basically, this is the browser you want if you are sick and tired of website intrusions or monitoring and need to do something about it. In short, it is the perfect browser to compliment your VPN service.
Faster browsing

The main feature that immediately stands out with Brave is the fact that it will immediately block all the intrusive ads and trackers that usually slow down your experience. You won’t have to deal with any of those any more, as Brave will automatically handle them. What you get is a clean browsing experience free of any intrusions.

By using Brave, you get a significant boost in performance, something that we did appreciate quite a bit during our tests. This does come in handy as it enables you to receive a much better user experience without having to deal with trackers and ads!

Safer browsing

3rd parties such as websites or even your ISP can track everything you browse online. Can and DO! Naturally, we should all avoid such intrusions the best way possible, which is why Brave and a VPN is the perfect choice for anyone who wishes to have their privacy respected. Keep your history and identity to yourself.

Identity theft can be quite commonplace online and its main cause is browser hijacking, Brave combined with a VPN comes as a great, fast solution for this problem. When you use Brave you never have to worry about this type of problem ever again.

Who are the Brave team?

Commanding the helm of the Brave team is Mozilla founder and former CEO Brendan Eich – Who had his position as CEO terminated due to being outspoken against the left-wing narrative. Brendan ultimately left Mozilla and founded Brave.

One thing is for certain – We will soon be seeing a lot more of Brave and a lot less of Mozilla!

Is Brave worth a shot?

Overall, using Brave with a VPN was a great experience and we are sure that you will like it as well. You can acquire the browser now at!