Internet handover to go ahead

Posted on September 30, 2016

Tags: obama net neutrality internet privacy censorship

It's a wrap. As of 12:01 AM Washington DC time, the internet will no longer be under US control as injunction refused by judge.

You may have read from our previous article: Obama surrenders the internet, how the fate of the internet was soon to be decided. Unfortunately, that decision is that the US control of ICANN is to be relinquished, after 20 years of success

There is nothing else to do but wait and see what happens. Here at IPFend we are vehemently against the notion and firmly believe it is the end of free speech and net neutrality as we know it. The censorship of websites and free speech wont happen overnight, but it will be a slow process which will take up to a decade. Be sure to cherish this wonder we call the internet while you still can!

2017 is sure to be the year of end user VPNs and enhanced cyber security - If they still allow it...