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$60 Payable every 6 Months

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10 Gbps Network

Each of our nodes has an incredible 10 gigabit uplink, ensuring there is no congestion on our network and you are always connected with no slowdown

Unlimited Bandwidth

Don't worry about your usage - We offer unlimited and unrestricted bandwidth for peace of mind

PPTP Technology

Our VPN servers are set up using PPTP, with accounts created for each individual

Advanced User Dashboard

Our state of the art members area provides you with all the tools you need to get started, along with guides, trouble shooting and a support center where you can easily reach a member of staff

Current Locations

Our VPN nodes are currently located in: North America (USA) and Europe (The Netherlands, United Kingdom). We are constantly growing and adding more locations to our network

Complete Privacy

The reason you want a VPN. We offer complete and utter privacy to users and firmly believe in our service and motto. We will never disobay our customers

No Restrictions

With IPFend, your VPN is your internet connections. Many providers impose restrictions to save bandwidth - With IPFEnd, you are free to surf, stream, download, play online video games and more!

Hacker Protection

Using one of our VPN servers protects you from potential threats. Your device location is only known to the internet by us and you are protected behind our robust firewall.